This is the post excerpt.

First, I’d like to properly introduce myself to the community. My name is Kenyona R. Copeland, but you can call me “Kae” for short. I’m not new to sharing my personal opinionated thoughts on life with the world, but my approach this time is much different. I like talking about anything that everyone can relate to, and also grow from.

I grew up in New York and somehow always end up back in this “box”, no matter how many times I’ve made plans to move away. I’m kind of hoping that this is my last time coming back to New York for a while, sense I miss the freedom of having my own space to think, move, discover, and learn … why I can’t do these things here in New York is another blog post in itself!

I just turned twenty-three on the 24th of October, and I have been walking around with a really bad chest cold. The weather is one of the reasons I dislike being here, in New York, but I’m secretly working on a devious plan to make the devil disappointed in his plans to stop me from growing and being where I should be.

I am a mother of one, my beautiful daughter Summer has taught me a lot of things. What I do fear, is that she’s too smart for her own good and soon she’ll be reading everything that her mommy will be blogging about. Whoever said Terrible Two’s were it; they lied! They should’ve come up with another name for it, although I love her past my own self.

I kind of have this issue with thinking that everything is almost impossible to reach. For example, I love to have everything planned out and organized but it seems that it doesn’t always go as effectively as it could. Then, to add more to it, everyone seems to have a lot of commentary on the way I parent my child/my lifestyle.

I am here to share with you how imperfect I am, but how much I am willing to get it right in the future, even if I still happen to fall tomorrow. Maybe this blog will help a lot of people find motivation and reason to want to become better than who they were before. This isn’t a blog for a “quick-fix” but for a process of healing, resolution and pain. BTW, did I mention that I’m working on my relationship with God daily. It’s not the easiest challenge on my list! Welcome to my blog.



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