It’s hard finding a job that you like, especially when you’re twenty-three and don’t have life all together. I used to work this job, where I’d fill orders for law offices that needed all kinds of medical, employment and any other legal documents for court. I loved that job, believe it or not but some of the people there were nothing like me.

I made a few friends and never showed anything less than respect to all of my co-workers. But there was one co-worker that I shared an office with who is a Christian. Her outlook on everything was always positive and God-centered. In some ways (actually all ways), she reminded me of my best friend back in Florida. She always had something spiritual to say to me about my life struggles: sick child, marital issues, advice, etc. She always would ask me, “have you prayed?” This isn’t rear for me, because I could go hours talking about how good God is, but to find a Christ-like co-worker is very rare.

In the break room, I happened to be sitting at the table with a box of Kleenex tissues. I was blowing my nose and practically coughing out my lungs. Everyone was eating lunch, except me because I felt very weak and in need of rest.

One of my co-workers asked if I was okay. I told her that I wasn’t. I was sick from a weekend night out with my husband. We were celebrating our two-year anniversary at Havana Central with live music and expensive dinner. I wanted to dress beautifully for my husband, so I did just that and boy was I stupid for wearing a dress-short that was only designed for the summer weather. I flaunted everything about my beauty in the brisk, uncalming cold with my stilettoes.


I had gone into work two days after with a bad cold that later ended up turning into chest congestion (which is the most uncomfortable feeling). Another co-worker was sitting at the table across from me, and she said she was dumbfounded at the part that I mentioned being married. She said, “you look like you’re twenty.” I laughed, because I love the older people’s reaction to me being hitched while being young.

Her opinion on my choice to get married took me aback to when my husband had first proposed. I remember how some people were happy for us, while others couldn’t bare that type of news as if we were young and didn’t know what we were doing. Haha.

My lesson in that was that people are always going to doubt what you do. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, because they’ll never be satisfied with who you are as a person. As long as you understand what choices you’re making and why you’re making them. Ask yourself, is God okay with me choosing this over that?

You can only be dumbfounded, when you refuse to accept knowledge and wisdom from those who are genuinely educated spiritually and mentally in Christ. Not everyone can give you the tools you need to make it through. But they sure can tear down a matrimony before they try to help build it. Do what makes you happy, but make sure that it’s pleasing in the sight of God.


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