To come together in Holy matrimony with your partner is no light season. This is more than just the entire day of renting out a venue, holding the spotlight, and receiving monetary gifts from family and friends. In fact, it’s about staying long after the love-hazing period has left you both high and dry. Here are 15 ways to keep a healthy marriage:

  1. Also keep the doors of communication open.
  2. Don’t ever stop being the best of friends.
  3. Plan creatively.
  4. Find a common ground and share it!
  5. Be more than a great listener; be effective with each other.
  6. Don’t tell everyone about your problems.
  7. Entertain with great friends who are respectful of your marriage.
  8. Spend time making great memories, together.
  9. Comfort each other, when in need.
  10. Say, “I Love You” to each other, before day’s end.
  11. Enjoy a glass of wine and nice music, in the comfort of your own home.
  12. Avoid violent arguments.
  13. Travel. Travel. Travel!
  14. Be honest with one another.
  15. Have great sex. ONLY IF YOU’RE MARRIED!  =P


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