It’s okay to have a great work ethic, but what about your physical being? That needs rest, and sometimes our brains are more ahead of our body. We think that we can do a million things before day’s end, but we find ourselves exhausted and in need of a place to rest.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know how I can get when I have to get things crossed off the list. I have no time to stop and take a breather. Instead, I’ll wish that I was already parked at the place I need to go to so that I can hurry and get to the next thing on the list.

This isn’t healthy for anyone. In the bible, it says that faith without works are dead. This has since been proven to be nothing but truth. How can you say you’re going to buy that new home, when you haven’t secured a job and then taken the leap? But as well, God says that we should find rest in him, when we’re weary.

Sometimes our energy isn’t enough to suffice. We get tired quickly, we rush with no intent to slow down, and we have this compulsive desire to want to “catch” up with everyone who may be ahead of us. Know your lane and drive at a pace that will do you some good. You have to understand what you’re able to do. Just because Mark Kay, can do a million things without getting tired doesn’t mean that you can do the same. You’re YOU, not EVERYONE ELSE. Seek rest and trust God on this one. A day’s rest doesn’t mean you’re going to fall behind.

Here are some ways you can get the rest that you need:

  1. Turn off your phone and computer, so that your brain can get a break.
  2. Lay in bed, watch some television, and possible have someone get you what you need.
  3. Stop thinking about what you could be doing; just relax!
  4. If there’s something really important that you’ve forgotten to tend to, just leave it as is until you’re day of rest is over.
  5. Say a prayer for your rest, and just let God take over from there.

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