Have you been trying to end a relationship, or even a friendship with someone for the longest because it’s not healthy? Has the person you’re trying to say your farewell’s to keep coming back, or making up every excuse in the book to keep you in their life? WELL, THAT RIGHT THERE IS NOT A GOOD SIGN. I know you’d probably like to know why people do this. Here’s the aching question, “Am I being emotionally manipulated?”

Sometimes in relationships and friendships, things don’t always go as sweet as cake. People might portray one image to you, and then keep up with the show for a couple of years. And maybe at first, everything is copasetic and it seems like nothing can go bad.

Suddenly, one day something happens and you decide that you’ve had enough. You’ve told this person that you believe it’s best for you both to part ways. Now this person is telling you that they aren’t going anywhere. What now?

BEWARE OF EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION. This is a real thing and you must not play around with something like it. If you’re not sure, emotional manipulation is when a person tries consistently to trick you into guilt to keep you with them. There are few ways to overcome this.

  1. STRICTLY FOCUS ON YOURSELF: If you’ve stressed the issue so many times, and the person still doesn’t want to leave -simply focus! Yep, I said just that; focus. Don’t waste anymore time explaining yourself and why you believe it’s best that you split ways. Just look ahead and trust that God will cover you from that kind of harm.
  2. CONSIDER A RESTRAINING ORDER: Don’t wait until it’s too late. Consider pursuing a restraining order so that the person won’t become a stalker to you. This isn’t the easiest thing to accept if they become this way. Just make sure your safety isn’t in jeopardy.
  3. PRAY A PRAYER: Pray. Ask God to send his angels to protect you from harm’s hands. Be specific in your prayer and don’t leave anything out. Know that God will provide and cover you in all that your heart desire. So, ask him for peace, understanding, and love.

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