When I refer to the word “tea” please know that I am not talking about the kind you drink. But if you know someone who’s always in everyone’s business, tell them here’s a blog post for them to drink up. But I wouldn’t expect this to spread so fast, because vocally rumors tend to travel faster than the truth. Have you ever just wanted to rebuke that nosey sister/friend/or co-worker of yours? I know, me too.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit. And here’s why, because it’s so easy to be ignorant and get into everyone’s business but our own. We wanna know why Shirley is dating a guy that might be out of her league, or why she’s at home with her child and not at work?

It’s so easy to get distracted by others. If they aren’t doing something that we approve of, we’re quick to call names or assume we know it all (and that’s after asking the person, and they still don’t give you an answer). Everyone’s issues aren’t meant for our entertainment.

Maybe, God is moving in Shirley’s life. She is preparing for what God has destined her for. But we wouldn’t know that, because we only see enough to get a “gossip topic” out of. You might think Shirley is out here looking like a fool, but how would you know that if you’re constantly in her business? You wouldn’t know!

See, just as God used King David to fight a giant named Goliath he is calling Shirley for a higher purpose. We must learn to stop looking at the physical with our naked eyes, and spiritually visualize everything like Christ Jesus does. Not all “tea” is bad.

Ask yourself, when will be the next time you’ll be excelling and succeeding in Christ? Because people are going to gossip about that. We have to learn to mind our business. Start focusing on ourselves and our own issues that needs addressing and healing. How can God do a great work in you, while you’re busy focusing on Shirley. You’re just as imperfect as her!

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