I thank the Lord for every trial and tribulation. Most of what I’ve gone through would’ve never molded me, had I looked for the easy way out. A lot of my flaws and falls have made me consider everything about who I am: lifestyle, thoughts, actions, and meanings towards people and things.

A few years ago, before I became pregnant and married I used to be this girl of magnificence. Helping people other than myself had brought me much happiness and joy. It didn’t matter what the issue was, I felt that with helping others that my life exceeded having purpose.

My friends (small circle) were the perfect fit for me. They were always there to encourage and keep me lifted, as I lifted people who were looking for advice/healing. My life ended up turning for the worse, after I had my baby and I was with my husband. For a while, it was nice but being with someone who just was nothing like my regular friends had become a problem for me. My daughter became my main focus, and then I ended up losing sight to what really started to matter.

After I graduated from college, I started seeking a full-time job to help myself out financially. My husband would help here and there, but his choice of words were like a knife sometimes; they cut deeply.

A year into our marriage, he cheated and that ended my feelings for him completely. We’re still married and I am still not in love, but rather I am focused on what God has placed before me. Recently, I started school in Pastoral Counseling. And I guess God is using everything that is quite imperfect of me to help other people, again. Right now, I’m praying for my marriage (for the dissolution of it), because it’s not at all healthy. I have learned many things as a wife, and I will never take it for granted.

But even things bigger than ourselves deserve to be celebrated. So, here’s the big dream (that I’m sure God sent/is making happen):


I want to give more information, but for the sake of my business plan I cannot disclose too much information. I’m excited about executing this plan, staying focused on God, and reminding people of their identity in Jesus Christ.

There’s this passion that I have, not only does it involve writing books but putting others’ needs before my own has always been my passion. To start a small project with the counselee, and watch them grow and prosper is a great feeling.

My dream is something God has blessed me with, and not to mention after graduation I’ll be taking that “leap” of faith and starting something incredibly huge and different. I hope that God gives you a dream that’ll drive you to act on it; it’ll never leave you alone.

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