A great work has started, as I have mentioned before that I have a passion for writing. I’m not sure if y’all have heard about NANOWRIMO, but it’s National November Writing Month. That’s quite a lot to say, so we’ve just broken it down into something shorter. I’m going to be working on my first fiction Christian book. I’m hoping that it has some kind of difference to catch an agent’s eye, when this is all over.

So, I decided to give the novel a title that would be something relatable to us. We’ve all had that “somebody” who has tried to destroy our marriages and relationships, because they thought that being a copy-cat was enough. Well, I wanted to give it the title, COPY-CAT, because I intend to turn it into something serious and real.

This is the first time in a while that I’ve written a book. Maybe I should start by forgiving myself for not being as passionate as I should be about writing. Are any of you guys doing NANOWRIMO, too? What are you writing about? Have you prepared your calendars with daily word-count goals? I know that I have, see:


Also, I’m preparing for the launch of my Christian Podcast Show, SPRING 2017. Visit my social media pages, for more information. By the way, HAPPY NOVEMBER!


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