Be honest, not with me but with yourself. How many times have you said “no” to everything about yourself? There has to be more than a few times, where you’ve looked into the mirror and said, “I don’t like this about myself.” I urge you to stop being so hard on yourself. Self-esteem is everything that builds you up, it houses your confidence and fierceness. God made you uniquely different than every person on this Earth. If he took the precious time to do that for you, why is it so hard to love on yourself?


You are the most beautiful jewel that Christ has ever laid down his life for. That’s as real as it gets; you’ve got to see yourself as worthy of it all. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And in order to understand how much you’re worth, you cannot seek an answer like this from the world.

People have their own definition of Humanized beauty. It can range from being skinny, to being thick with a big chest and backside. That actually isn’t beauty; beauty, is when you can look within yourself and find something about everyone including yourself to love.

Beauty comes with the intangible gifts of hope, contentment, humbleness, and gratitude. If it’s hard for you to find just a few of the things listed above, I’d say search a little harder. No one can make you feel belittled, unless you allow them to do so. Don’t hand over the keys of your life to someone who will unlock every vulnerable part of you, and intentionally expose the things that you’re still trying to heal from.

In the body of Christ, it’s important to possess a kind of self-esteem out in the world. When you’re out there sharing your testimony, you should never tell it weak. Let the people know that you were once broken and will never be going back to that old life. Don’t thrive on what people have to say about you. Rather, focus on how much more beautiful you are when you have your self-esteem. That’s next to having your own identity. Don’t let someone write it out for you, because you know yourself better than anyone else knows you.

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