Do y’all remember the song, “clean up, clean up. Everybody do your share. Clean up, clean up. Everybody everywhere.”? I do, because it’s all I used to sing when I was younger, when I was told to go clean my room. I used to believe that this song could only be applied to the literal fact of acting on the event of cleaning, and putting things away. What if we could use this song for personal goals? Do you think it’s possible then?

I’m never too proud to admit that I didn’t always make all of the best decisions in my life. I was once twenty and didn’t care a lick about abiding by rules. And if you really understand, you’d know that not everything in this world is free. Love isn’t free, either.

Past relationships and possibly current ones (applying to family and friends) are just toxic. Some people you can’t share everything with. It doesn’t matter how bad or good it gets, some stuff will require that you do a bit of “clean up” in your life.

Often, we crash into people we try to avoid that create drama. Also, you can be eating unhealthy and just recovered from surgery somewhere. Instead of focusing on the problem, we need to focus on the solution to making life worth living. Having a solution-based systematic biblical theology about what life is really about will help you do as much of the cleaning up as you need.

In Christ, we are called to be of service to everyone around us. So, if we can lend a helping hand in the cleaning of their unhealthy habits we must first attack ours. Say to yourself, how can I face the issue with a reasonable solution that is still in align with God’s Word?

The saying isn’t that you’re perfect, but to acknowledge that there’s a mess lying around that needs to be cleaned up. And maybe, this time momma and daddy isn’t forcing you to go and pick up the mess that’s creating clutter and unattractiveness but your own conscience is asking you to please clean up!

Here are some ways to take steps towards cleaning your house (body, mind, spirit):

  1. Eliminate all that is no good for you from your reach.
  2. Don’t focus on telling social media about your search, JUST FOCUS!
  3. No more game time; be serious and do it for yourself.
  4. Create a prayer life (start small).
  5. Focus on positive solutions and act on them.
  6. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.


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