While I opened my bible to read about King David, I understood that he was determined to be who God had called him to be. When he approached authority, to convince them that  he was ready to fight in battle against Goliath they didn’t see him as fit to do so. He was just a boy, but in David’s eyes, he saw himself as more than just a boy.

He’d gone on to make the point to king Saul, that he kept the lamb together. When a lion had caught one from the flock, he’d caught the lion and saved the lamb. He had two choices: he could either run, or fight. David chose to fight. Why? Because a lot of his decisions would gather to make up who he was as a person.

I realize that God is the creator of all things, including the human race. He allows us to have choices to choose. And he sees great things happening for us, even when we doubt ourselves. We must trust God and be faithful in our walk with Christ.

If you feel that you lack anything, pray, ask God to guide you to where you need to go to help you become who you want to be. Most often, people don’t wish to become a bad person they want to become good or better. God is not the author of confusion. Know who you’re identified as in him, and be sure that you know who you are and who you belong to.

We get lost every once in a while, but somehow God always ends up getting us back on the path in which we should be on.

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