When God created us, the human race, he knew that we’d constantly walk in sin. No matter how much we aspire to become followers of Christ, we’d still make mistakes that would require his forgiveness. He knew that he wasn’t designing us to be perfect, but he made us perfect in his likeness. This was God’s way of saying, “there’s no price that I can put on these creations of mine, and I want them to come to me whenever they just want to talk or if they need anything.” So, when we were in need of  forgiveness, God said he’ll do it without a doubt, as long as we do the same for those who ask for our forgiveness.

Of course, Jesse is going to do something that gets on your nerves. She might even slip up and share your darkest secret with someone that she’s friends with, who you don’t socialize with. These things happen everyday. Jesse didn’t tell her friend about it, because she didn’t know it was wrong -but because she’s human and humans do crazy things.

Some of us don’t think about the precautions and consequences, of what it’ll cost if we gossip at the expense of someone else’s pain. How would we then deal with the consequences? Would we be laughing or sharing the same pain as the person we’re gossiping about? In the end, two people ends up getting hurt and then they don’t want to be friends anymore. How is it that easy to walk away? If God walked away, we’d all be in trouble and unprotected from the people that try to hurt us.

God’s intentions for us is always good. When he gave us the gifts of joy, happiness, forgiveness, meekness these were meant to create a contract of understanding for those around us in the spirit. So, when your friend comes to you in a plea for forgiveness be genuine with your choice. You say, “I forgive you because…” then you give the reason as to why you chose to forgive the person.

If, somehow you have trouble in forgiving the person/people who hurt you take a moment. Go find a quiet place to pray, ask God to make your heart tender. If I’m forgiving anyone, I’m doing this because I sin daily and I know that I’m going to need to come back to God and repent. How would life be, if God chose not to forgive me? Think about it.

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