We live in a world, where going through the motions is very normal. We become overwhelmed in relationships, become distort in family ties, and get distracted by friendships that seem to have the power to diagnose us as being “stressed”. If you had to take counseling which are you choosing? Christian Counseling or Secular Counseling?


Not everyone knows the difference between secular and Christian counseling. Some don’t really see it as a form of counseling, while others would highly recommend talking to someone in the local church. This isn’t to say that life gets easy, but we don’t always have to choose to live with complication.

SECULAR COUNSELING, is the world of counseling that solely focuses on the counselee’s issue. In this world, one is often diagnosed with mental and illness disorders and may not even need to be diagnosed. It focuses on how to acknowledge and embrace what has gone wrong, rather than to focus on what’s ahead. I’m sure we’ve all been to a therapist who tried to incorporate their own two-cents into what might be going on, rather than to listen. This is one problem with the world of secular counseling; there is no system that is followed to help prepare the counselor and the counselee.


CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, is a counseling world that is theologically based on Biblical theology. Here, the pastor focuses not on the counselee’s problem but on the solution-based systematic order of the counselee’s life. No one is judgmental or dealt with in any kind of way. Being a Christian counselor, requires that we deal with God’s people in a specific and loving kind of way. Instead of giving our insight on what might be going wrong, we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead both the counselor and the counselee. It’s proper that we focus on where the counselee wants to be, rather than always listening to “what they don’t want”. As our guiding isn’t just one-sided, it becomes a teamwork project that must be in align with the intentions of the Holy Spirit.


So which counseling would you be giving a chance to?

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