So, I’ve been preparing for my Christian “Tea” Talk Podcast. From the topics to the cool net knick knacks, I will be dedicating myself full-time. It’s not just because I bring good talk, but because I love God and I have something really great to show for it. While I’m building my base, I would like to talk a little bit about what the podcast is going to be about and what’ll be going on.

First, I hope that I have my listeners following me. It’s going to be free for a month or so, until I start monetizing from it. I don’t intend to go off path with the Podcast, but I would like to invite guests to call in and ask questions that they have.

Right now, I’m not sure who’ll be my first guess on the show but I’m going to pray about that more soon. Christian “Tea” Talk Podcast, isn’t just for those who believe in Jesus Christ. It’s for those who know nothing about him and wish to know him. The real tea that gets spilled, is just a small talk about what Christians go through and experience but choose not to talk about (eg. divorce, heartbreak, loss of virginity, church issues, etc.) We don’t gossip, but instead to talk about the “tea” and try to figure out a solution-focused way of moving on and growing from this.

In my show, I’d like to incorporate everything as listed below:

  • Celebrity Christian Guests
  • Question & Answer (Call-in)
  • Giveaways
  • Live (on-air) Streaming (On Occasion)
  • etc.

It would be a blessing, if you’d share with your friends and family that a new podcast show is coming out. I’ll be hosting the show, Kae Copeland. There will also be prayer sessions on the show for my listeners. I pray you find grace and peace in the Lord. Thanks for supporting.

Blessings & Favor,



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