I was doing my homework assignment, for Pastoral Counseling. The top up for discussion was “The Gifts of The Holy Spirit”. So, I did a lot of highlighting and note taking about the chapters and my understanding of The trinity and all that good stuff. My professor then asked if I agreed with Enns on his statement of how the world today no longer uses the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I did agree to some of it, because there were a few gifts that we’re still holding onto. Also, I’d definitely recommend The Moody Handbook of Theology to help for ministry purposes. But here are my thoughts on the matter:

Some may not know, but the gifts of the Holy Spirit are as listed: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor-teacher, faith, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mercy, Forgiveness, Tongues,  etc.. Now that I’ve gone on to mention just a few of the gifts, I think that the churches in today’s generation have stopped using these gifts. Why? I have quite a few answers to this simple question.

We have moved along in a period of time, where the end is near and not everyone is going to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I used to see members from my home-church speaking in tongues and I used to wonder what that “thing” was that they were doing. In fact, I was fascinated by it and thought it was something very amazing to do (I didn’t have the gift of tongues). Not a lot of the people in the body of Christ are speaking in tongues, or revealing prophecies and such things.

The world we live in has changed, so I believe that sometimes Jesus(God) may come to us in our dreams. I wish I could go back to those days when I saw the gifts being used a lot, like in my preteen years of life. It’s sad, but if I’ve seen one gift that the world really holds onto like a jewel it is FAITH and FORGIVENESS. We need more of that in this time more than anything else but all of the gifts are just as important.

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