1. Fear is an actual spirit that doesn’t work with Christ Jesus.
  2. Fear can make you see illusions of things that aren’t there.
  3. Fear creates anxiety and stress.
  4. Fear destroys opportunity.
  5. Fear makes you react without thinking.
  6. Fear will run the risk of snatching your identity from you.
  7. Fear creates tension.
  8. Fear doesn’t let you learn.
  9. Fear doesn’t allow you to accept things that cannot be changed.
  10. Fear talks you into finding excuses.
  11. Fear will make you comfortable in the most dangerous of places.
  12. Fear will keep you living in the past.
  13. Fear delays blessings from God.
  14. Fear will cause you to run from destiny.
  15. Fear promotes procrastination.
  16. Fear will cost you integrity, respect, and peculiarness.
  17. Fear tarnishes your faith.
  18. Fear leads to unclean thoughts about yourself and people around you.
  19. Fear will distract you!
  20. Fear will make you question God’s purpose for your life.
  21. Fear stops you from being obedient.

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