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Normally, when we hear the word “abortion” immediately we assum the position of judgment. Next thing, we’re eaves dropping on how Heather has had many aborted pregnancies and our thoughts about her are no longer good thoughts. How does God feel about Heather’s choices to abort her many children?

I could imagine that her choices came about through not having the emotional support that she needed. Maybe there are some opportunities that are presented that may not include plans for a child. We must understand that abortion refers to any premature explusion of a human fetus, even a miscarriage is an abortion. First, let’s disccuss why women keep these abortions secret:

  • If she is a part of a Christian community that she percieves as condemning and judgmental. 
  • It might seem too big of a sin to be forgiven by God, family, and church members. 


What exactly is considered an abortion? 

An abortion isn’t just looked upon as a loss but it’s a trauma. Some of the possible side effects are both tendency to re-experience the trauma and to have flash backs, and maybe even distressing dreams. Some women become emotionally numb, have sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, hyper vigilence, depression, guilt, and inability to forgive oneself.

TO THE WOMAN, contemplating abortion/ who has already had an abortion -Please know that God has already forgiven you. There will always be hard times to swallow that kind of pill, but know that you don’t have to go through with an abortion. Don’t worry about the temporary issue that seems to press you. Nothing in life is permanent, not even the stressing issue of wondering if that baby will be a setback to your life. 

Your aren’t perfect and I have no say in my tongue to cause you any pain and/or ridicule, because of a choice that you made.  If anything, I’m encouraging you to give that baby a chance at life, as Christ Jesus did for you on the cross. I want to encourage you to carry your baby to term, then decide from there what you want to do. 

Even if it still feels like too much to carry, trust that God will bless your child and bless you for carrying the baby full term. Adoption can be a beautiful thing. So, don’t always think that you have to choose the hardest option. There’s never an easy way out, no matter how we look at it. But I know your strength in God is awesome, my sisters. 


-Ask God for forgiveness.
-Accept God's forgiveness. 
-Forgive yourself. 
-Seek professional andn pastoral care.
-Visualize God holding your baby.
-When God gives gracce, serve in some capacity to help other pregnant young women



Exodus 21:22
Psalms 139:16
Jeremiah 1:15
Matthew 2:16

Prayer Starter: “Lord, we pray for grace and wisdom to overflow into every woman’s life who has trouble moving forward. She is hurting, worried, scared and needs a touch from you …

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