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For those who aren’t aware, God is doing something wonderful and major in my life. I am grateful to not only be following a dream and a passion, but have the privilege to see that God gets the glory in what I love to do. I believe that Christians (people who believe in God) deserves a lot. We go through a lot and the world doesn’t see the struggles and challenges that we live. So, I wanted to create something fun and honest.

My dedication to this has been solely 100%. I just set out my email blast for the media all over Florida, for Monday morning at 9:00am. I want you to be part of this, because I believe that as a community we can make a difference.

Right now, I’m working on having my first Celebrity Christian Guest on the show for my launch event. I’m going to be inviting everyone and doing a live stream of it. Please, don’t miss this! Become part of the community and be the first to know about everything that’s happening, by subscribing through my website.


Also, here’s a screenshot of how my newsletetrs look. I won’t ever send anything that isn’t appropiate and elegant in presentation. Please, share and help spread the good news! I love everyone so much, just even for the fact of visiting my blog and leaving such beautiful comments.







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