Marriage is a gift to us from God. It’s about being faithful to someone for the rest of your life, while being able to watch all of the changes that your significant other goes through. The best part is that they don’t go through the trouble of it all alone; you’re there to experience it with them, too.

Two is better than one, because when someone is trying to get over on your spouse you can be there to have each other’s back. You won’t have to give into the trap of other people. Marriage is a vow to help each other jump those hurdles that you cannot jump alone.

To have another person at your side, as your personal fitness trainer, your life coach, and your mentor and best friend is a beautiful thing. The good thing about marriage is that it glorifies Jesus Christ, because two have become one under a matrimony. When we seek to glorify God, we do what’s right and we continue in that path.

If you’re young and wondering what marriage is like, I’ll tell you that it has its days but it’s beautiful. This is something that every man and woman should experience together. Marriage is for us all. So, stop saying that it’s not for you.

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