I wouldn’t risk not taking a chance, if I knew how my heart felt about someone. I’m not talking about lust or infatuation, but REAL love. As Christians, we’re supposed to date in a Christ-Like manner. Certain things in courting must always apply: keep your cleavage covered, don’t go looking for love in replace for another thing, and always keep God in the front of your mind when dating a man.

I don’t believe that all men are bad, just because we easily get our hearts broken. There are good gems out there that will make you wait until your wedding day, instead of you having to say it.

If there’s someone that you’ve been dating for a while and you know that’s your soul-mate I would encourage you to speak what’s on your heart. To say “I Love You” means, that you’re willing to be by each other’s side no matter what the mess is. It says that you’re willing to help make a good change within each other and strive to be happy, no matter what we have to sacrifice down the road.

Love is a strong feeling and to say it without regret is beautiful. It’s intentional. So how intentional will those 3 words and 8 letters be for you when it’s time to share that with the one you love?

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