How do you say that this is what you want to do, but you don’t act on it? If it is faith you talk by, what are you doing to put work to that faith of yours? You cannot just say I’m going to be a business-owner and not take the necessary actions to becoming another step closer. If your working without the faith, there won’t be results for you to see.

First, make sure that whatever your dreams and goals are that they fit in God’s will for you. Secondly, kneel in prayer and talk to God about the plans that you would like to take action on, as long as He is centered on those plans. Third, pull out your notebook and start working; you don’t need to make a social media announcement until everything is in place and is official. Lastly, exercise your faith by putting in the work.

Here’s a good example. When a gardener is planting seeds in the garden, she/he must make sure that the soil is rich and that the seeds are planted deep enough for the plant to have a strong root. Then, the gardener must return daily to water the spot in which the seeds were planted in order for it to grow. But Sunlight is what gives it the nutrition it needs to reveal itself to the surface of the place in which it dwells.

I encourage you to plant your seeds and to grow. Work that faith and watch what God will do for you! Don’t doubt what God has already instilled into you. The gift to make things work and grow is just a mere gift from God to you!

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