Have you ever encountered a moment where someone said something very ignorant to to? Maybe even that “thing” that they were spewing had something to do with your beliefs? I know that it’s not the easiest thing to deal with, but not everything needs our reaction. Here’s a scenario, below: 

You see something online that you think highly of. There’s a blog that talks about planting seeds for life (basically inspiration), but when you think that a lot of their posts are inspired by spirituality (which it is) they refuse your submission because you talk of God in such a strong way. You have two options: 1. go off on them and let them have it, 2. or unsubscribe and realize what just really happened? What do you do?

Before some of y’all start acting a fool over this, let’s examine something. People, businesses, organizations, etc. aren’t always what they “pose” to be in the public eye. Yes, they may advertise a form of spirituality but they might not include the creator, in which their spiritual posts come from. 

Believe it or not, you and God knows what you’re capable of. I know what I’m capable of, if someone tries to play me or what I believe in. Not everything deserves a reaction, but there are better ways of making known the ignorance that is displayed. SImply, ask if they are referring to your beliefs. Nine times out of ten, they’ll say no but sometimes there’s dishonesty floating around …Don’t sweat it! 

As long as you continue to share the gospel, don’t ever feel that your sharing and passion of your beliefs are in vain. The world that we live in has a massive plethora of ignorant people. You cannot allow someone to still your joy, because they know nothing about the goodness of your God. Maybe they weren’t brought up on religion and they just “play” the part. Step back and just pray for the person. Don’t go wreaking havoc on the city, because God has his way of dealing with those who disregard the message. 

You know who you are as a believer in Christ, be a champion and keep on winning! 

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