• value is determined by sacrifice. Where there is no sacrifice, there is no value.
  • Self-esteem doesn’t determine everything.
  • Some people think that bring too much to table (but only they think so).
  • 1 Peter 1:18
  • redeem has nothing to do with theology, it has everything to do with purpose.
  • We were held in pawn of sin, but a price was put on us (Christ dying on the cross).
  • Jesus redeemed us from our empty life with BLOOD.
  • How can you be saved and question your value?
  • God redeemed us, because we’re only worth as much as someone would pay.
  • He didn’t redeem you for you to act right on Sunday, then live crazy mon-fri.
  • So what determines value??

INTRINSICK VALUE = How much are the assets? It goes deeper into how strong is the brand. (what ppl. think about the brand).

  • It’s not just the value of the product, but the value of which it means to you.
  • The same house that could be sold for 250,000, might could’ve been sold in 2010 for 175,000. The market determines how much people are willing to sacrifice for it.
  • When people are scared, they aren’t willing to sacrifice much.
  • Value isn’t determined by the owner, it’s determined by the buyer.
  • I got more by getting him, then HE got by getting me.
  • He’s more God than I am, man. I got the blessing when I got the Lord.
  • John 3:16
  • It was his Love that made it valuable.
  • Be careful what you buy, because you are giving up the intangible for the tangible.
  • When you spend money, you are spending life.
  • If you take the money but don’t provide the service, you are robbing me …
  • Every gift has a weakness. People see the gift, but they don’t see the weakness.
  • Your wisdom is shown in your order.
  • Chaos anywhere often means chaos everywhere.
  • A man will put his money where his heart is.
  • What you value, determines what you’re willing to sacrifice.
  • Sometimes things don’t work out, because you don’t have the same values.
  • Love says if one of us have to hurt, I’d rather get hurt.
  • Sometimes love requires losing.
  • Love is self-sacrificing, when it’s real!
  • Love seeketh not it’s own. (it says hurt me, instead).
  • Real love doesn’t lose a fight.
  • Romans 12:1 (KJV)
  • Beseech means to beg.
  • God is successful because he sacrificed.
  • You cannot take a job and not do the work.
  • Whatever you value, you will sacrifice for it.
  • You are only successful in the areas of your sacrifice.
  • Sacrifice is HOLY not CARNAL.
  • Just because you offer it to God, doesn’t mean He gone take it.
  • You see the success but God sees the sacrifice.
  • You only  succeed to the level of your sacrifice!
  • Whatever you give yourself to, will give itself back to you.

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