Remember when you were in high school, and you had over a hundred friends? You were either popular, or knew a lot of people which made you cool with everyone. Yep. That’s the before effect of things, until is moving you forward and many of those 100 friends become sort of like lost treasure. It resembles the phases of when you were a kid who had a favorite toy thatyou took everywhere with you, then suddenly one day it just disappears. It’s lost.

The truth about before and after is that you grow up. You stop doing childish things and you no longer entertain the friends that you once partied with. Your sense of direction changes according to God’s plans for you, and you end up in another direction than what your friends are going.

It doesn’t signify that you’re lost and going in the wrong direction. Instead, it shows that we’re all individually unique to what God’s purpose and plans are for our lives.

So, when you’ve gone from a hundred friends to having the few you can count on your hands that means you made it. You’re being redirected into another place that God sees fit for your destiny. But while you’re taking these journies alone, don’t think for a second that God has forgotten about you.

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