I know I haven’t been active too much today! I want to apologize for that! Earlier, I was in so much pain from an old surgery (one that was worth the pain). But randomly, it’ll creep up on me and make it a little hard to walk, sit, or do anything else. So, I used that time to lie down until the pain subsided. But I missed everyone! 

 Have you ever been through something that you thought would’ve broken you and so much more? Like at a point you believe that it can be easily forgiven, but somewhere along the way the pain that you’ve beared was far too much to just brush off? Meaning, it was a challenge forgiving someone who hurt you pass the breaking point?

If you’ve been there and still wonder why certain events happened in your life, it’s because God wanted something to either change in you or there was a lesson that He wanted you to learn. And whether you’re still lost about the lesson or the change, please know that God is working in you. Your heart is a working progress. 

“Never the same” can sometimes be a hurting process. The molding that comes from the potter(God) to put in shape a good use of the clay (us) it’s not always comfortable. Our definition of being never the same can sometimes be a little exaggerated. God knows what He is doing. When it’s all over, I tend to understand that it’s never that serious!  All the kckig, name-calling, and fighting isn’t neccessary to the fitting of your new calling. It still doesn’t change God’s mind about allowing you to finish experiencing the situation that causes you pain. Some crosses we’re meant to carry. 

For example, you complain about what the marriage isn’t doing for you. Maybe even how you hate those nosey co-workers of yours, but maybe God wants you there for a while for a reason. 

Well, I have a story that I’d like to share. One that inspired this blog and Podcast show. Women go through a lot, and I want to be the right Christian spokeswoman for you. I understand what you’re feeling. I have some news to share! I’m working on a memoir about a maarriage (between 2 young people) that nearly faltered without cease to take precautions for the necessary steps of communication, forgiveness, and identity. A year away from my husband revealed so much about myself and my crosses. What is it that I wasn’t understanding about myself? And what did God have to do with this? A LOT! Let God use you for his glory in sharing your testimony. 

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